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Monday, October 31, 2011

Scaredy Cat Splat/ Pumpkin Fun

In Treasures this week we are learning about How To Writings. Therefore, in honor of Halloween I decided to create a How To Writing based upon the story "Scaredy- Cat, Splat!"  Today we read the story and discussed our topic in writing for the week. I explained to the students that we would be writing "How To  Scare a Cat" based on the book. The kids loved it. In whole group today we discussed ways in the story the cats were scared and other options for how to scare a cat. 
Above is my craftivity for a scaredy cat. We will create this on Friday to go along with our published final copy!  (Check back for the template to create the cat)

Tomorrow, my students will complete a bubble map with the ideas they brainstormed.
Wednesday the students will begin working on their "Sloppy Copy".  On Thursdays they can continue to work on their sloppy copies and I will revise their writing during this time.  On Friday, my kids publish their writings and turn it in as well as create our scaredy cats!
Below is my example I showed my students today of my expectations for their published writing.

Also, today in class we estimated the seeds in a pumpkin. I had my students estimate the number of seeds and then write what the actual answer was afterwards. We were all off!

*Also if you downloaded the template for the Doubles Rap Ipod, check back to make sure you downloaded the correct template! I accidentally uploaded two different versions and one was not formatted correctly! Click the picture below to find it in my TpT store for free!*
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Doubles Rap Ipod Template

You can grab the template at my Teachers Pay Teachers store (it's free)! Click one of the pages below in order to go there! 

If you would like to check out the link on the tutorial on how to create the ipod using a white envelop click here! It is really simple!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doubles Rap Ipod and More...

I have been really bad at taking pictures of what is been going on in my classroom lately! I have just been SO busy! Therefore, on Thursday I made a POINT to get the camera out and snap some shots for y'all! 

Here are a few things that we have been doing in class lately!
Luckily I have Ms. Thomas to split up the lesson planning! Thank You Kiss Kiss to a bff teamie! I have been planning our Math lessons so far this year. We are currently finishing up addition and doubles facts. Last week while checking out Pinterest I saw this ADORABLE idea to create a Doubles Rap Ipod. I have taught the rap every year, but I thought this idea was perfect for my littles! They loved it. On the inside I had them make doubles facts flashcards to store in their Ipod. They love opening the ipod and flashing those cards. 
*If you would like the template for the rap and ipod piece let me know and I will upload it*

Last week in Treasures one of our skills was learning about adding -ed. Ms. Thomas purchased this from  The Teachers Wife. Seriously loved it. It was perfect. 
This is the poster that the packet came with.  There was also a student copy included where the students could decorate the -ed and then write words ending with -ed around it. 

I placed the student copy on my board and demonstrated how to decorate their copies as well. My students love to watch me draw and decorate. Bless their hearts, they think I am such an artist. 

Another purchase from the The Teacher Wife was her All About Nouns packet. 
Here are the signs that came with the poster. 

If you are looking for a cute book on nouns and verbs I purchased this one and it is filled with lots of nouns and verbs to teach your kiddos. Plus, the story it pretty cute too! 

Tomorrow we are doing some fun pumpkin activities! Stay tuned for those pictures soon. Here is the poem we used for Poetry Tuesday last week! 

Now it is WAY past my bed time! This weekend was jam packed with my friend's rehearsal dinner, wedding, and then halloween! I am exhausted, yet it was well worth it! Two years ago I met this boy at an LSU game on Halloween night. 
Hope you have a safe and happy halloween!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Silly Sentences and Classroom Updates

Maybe when I said guilty pleasure I should have wrote guilty in BIG BOLD letters. None of you ladies got it… which makes it even worse ha! It was the Real Housewives… of pretty much any area. I am sadly addicted to it? I do not know why because I feel either embarrassed or annoyed by their actions… yet I am so entertained! 

Anyways, since none of you girls could guess the correct TV show I just used the Random Number Generator! 
Congratulations Caroline Brantley! I will be emailing you shortly with your goods! 

Here is a little preview of what you will be getting with the Silly Sentences Packet
*I created two different printables: one can be printed on colored card stock using black ink and the other on white card stock using colored ink*

 If you would like to check it out on TPT and read more about the details  click here.

Here is something other things that have happened in my lil' teaching world lately…

Ms. Thomas and I at our schools cancer walk to support finding a cure for breast cancer… yes those are my walking clothes. 

Last week we completed our unit on owls thanks to Mrs. Jump! Both the littles and I enjoyed learning about owls! This week we are moving on to pumpkins! 
*Please excuse how scary my owls look*

Below are pictures of my students Owl Books…

The Owl Poem...

Here is a student made book (goes along with the students learning about Owls being nocturnal). 
Apparently my lil sweetie gave her dog a sassy do. 
If you want any of the Owl Activities above head to Mrs. Jumps blog for her packet on TPT! 
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silly Sentences and Addition Facts Mini Book

I have no idea why I have waited so long to upload the Silly Sentences packet to TPT? However, tonight when uploading my Math Addition Facts Mini Book, I realized I never uploaded it… eek.

So tonight I have uploaded both of my new packets and you could be in luck to win them both! 
*Look for the details at the bottom of the post!*
I created this Addition facts Mini Book to go along with our lessons on addition. The mini book is 24 pages long (I included directions on how to put it into a double sided/ half page book). It includes: 
- Mini Book cover page
- Math Talk Words Page (define important addition words such as add, join, sum)
- Write your numbers page
-Addition Fact Pages (Adding zero through ten)
- Write it, Draw it, Create a Number sentence Page (for numbers one through ten)
*My students keep their books in their "Safe Place" Folder in their desk, which is where they store all of their important work! They will be able to quickly pull out their mini book for a quick reference on important addition information! :)
*I'll post pictures of my students' mini books tomorrow!*
Here is the Silly Sentences for Work Stations Packet I created! (It is currently on sale until Friday!) Here was my version from last year.

I really wanted to re-vamp it this year… and well, make it a little more fashionable right?

This activity can be used for your pocket chart workstation, word work workstation or for any other activity in your classroom where you would like to incorporate these silly sentences! The students will create a sentence using the words provided in the packet. The sentences will be formed by arranging the words in order of the colors (following the directions sheet) to create silly sentences that your students will LOVE!
I have included two sets of the same words: a colored set and a black and white set.
The colored set will need to be printed on white card stock, using colored ink. This will allow the students to place the sentences in the correct order using the colored glow around the words.
The black and white set may be printed on their corresponding colors cardstock or construction paper. Therefore, if you see a red color dot located at the top right corner, you will need to print those pages on red cardstock/ construction paper. Then you will do the same for the other colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Another option is to print the words on white cardstock/ paper and back them with their appropriate color.
*I suggest printing these silly words on either card-stock or a thick paper for durability!
Also included in the packet is: direction printable for students and corresponding recording sheets! 

You can click here to see the Silly Sentences for Work Stations Packet at my TPT store (which is on sale until Friday).

Now time for the giveaway… one of you lucky ladies can win BOTH of these items! 
In order to enter you must be a follower and answer the following question: 
What is my current guilty pleasure TV show?

The first person to comment below that they are a follower of First Grade Fresh and correctly answer the question will win both packets! I will announce the winner tomorrow night! Good Luck! 

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