Monday, October 29, 2012

Lots of Randomness and Updates...

Well first off my little bloggy venture with Ffion from The First Grade Jungle is up! Please go check it out and enter in our giveaway! We are super excited about it! 

Second, since I have been absent for sometime now I figured I would catch you up and unload everything I have been storing on my camera. This means picture overload! Sorry. 

 Generating Questions before reading (inspired by The Inspired Apple)

Character Glove thanks to inspiration from Debbie Diller. I use this during small group as well.  

New workstation I added this year: Overhead. So far my students can write their words, make their words with magnets or letter tiles.  I will be added sentence strips I made which I will print on transparencies and students can fill in the blanks. (Hopefully I will add this to TpT soon!)
I just purchased the clear tiles and then wrote letters onto the tiles. Very simple and the kids LOVE this work station. 


 Writing/ Handwriting Workstation. This will be transitioning into only writing next week. 

Another new workstation I added was the Non-Fiction Reading Station. I really wanted to promote my students to read to find out new information about a topic. I added a variety of books on various levels. I discussed with the students that they would still need to use the "good fit book" strategy to find books to read during this time. 

This year my kids REALLY love the Poetry Work Station. They get upset if they do not have time to finish and illustrate their poem. Love it. 

ABC/ Word Study Workstation

Library Work Station

Anchor Charts: 

Behavior Chart

And a little reminder…

Happy Monday :)
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