Friday, March 30, 2012

The Bandit Y & St. Patricks Day Pictures...

Next week we are on Spring Break! I am so excited to enjoy my week off and catch up on some things I have been meaning to get around to completing.  I am also am planning on having a sale at my TPT store today and tomorrow! So if there is something you have been wanting to purchase check out my site for an additional %15 off :)

Click below to be directed to my store:

Last week we learned about the y that sounds like an "e" or "i". 
 I purchased Leslie Ann's packed about the "Bandit Y"
I then created this poem to go along with our new friend. 

We also created our Humpty Dumpty word sorts as well. My students were really into brainstorming new words! I may just have to do this for each sound! 

Here is also our cute little craft from Cara with leprechauns. The kids loved this writing/ craft activity. 

And below are some St. Patty's day update pictures! We rode in the parade again this year. It is TRULY my favorite day of the year in this city! 
 And, yes I am rocking a sequin Irish flag fanny pack. Be jealous. I would wear a fanny pack more if I knew it was acceptable. 

Me and my boo at the parade! We always find each other. 

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather and time of year! I am off to enjoy my last day before our break!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inferencing Activities

I may have had to clean out my purse before beginning this activity. No matter HOW organized I am… somehow my purse is always a failure of organization. I am CONSTANTLY digging through the black hole to find my keys. Super annoying.

However, when I saw this activity from Abby I knew my kids would love it too. 

Recording sheet inspired by Leslie Ann.
Am I a sassy bride or what? And how cute are my students inferences? 

Another activity I found on blogs for inferencing was from Cara Carroll. We used the book "David Gets in Trouble", which is perfect for inferencing. I intended to use the book "No David" like Cara used, however when I could not find that one I did a lil' quick change to this book.  This book works well too! 

Thanks girls for the inspiration! Made my life a little easier when planning :)
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ABC/ Word Study Task Cards and Anchor Charts

Hi Ladies!
Someone recently asked me if I could split up my Literacy Workstation Task cards. So, last night I worked on splitting up the cards. I added the ABC/ Word Study Task Cards last night. However, I am going to add some more cards to each of the packets so please let me know if there is certain task you would like to see. 
Click here to go to my TpT store. 

Also, here are some classroom Anchor Charts I have created with the class lately!

Below are pictures of the anchor charts we made to discuss the insects we are going over. We are using Deanna jumps TpT packet and my kids are lovin' it. Oh my word. Obsessed with bugs! Me? Not so much. 

We are have done some inferencing activities lately as well. A post on that will follow after I can take pictures of the activities.

Our phonics skills we learned: 

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My kids are just keeping it real...

One of the good and bad things about those little ones we teach… they like to keep it real. They are constantly calling their teachers out! They notice everything, and they are unfiltered! ha 
It can lead to funny moments!

For example: today Ms. Thomas and I decided to have our students complete a compare and contrast of us! Ms. Thomas may have been insulted when kids were calling her "big"… kid terms for taller than Ms. Simoneaux. Just didn't translate well. AND may I add she is only a couple inches taller than me! Geez.

However, my favorite contrast:
Ms. Thomas- white, Ms. Simoneaux- Tan
Why thank you, glad you noticed my glow? Or fake tanner I put on ha! A little jersey shore? Maybe. 

And how sweet… our kiddos think were "cute". Bless their little sweet hearts. Love them.

We also did a compare and contrast with "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" and "The Day it Rained Hearts". I stole the craftivity from Ms. T! You may have seen her pictures yesterday
*If you would like the Venn Diagram click the link above!

Below is a random assortment of classroom happenings that were still on my camera.  

Scholastic Sight word poem:

Long A Poem: via pinterest

Question Anchor Chart: For my kiddos still struggling with how to start an asking sentence. 

We also started our unit on insects. I am oddly too excited about this? Although I am not a fan of a creepy crawler, so far I have loved teaching this! 

And last… before I left school today I started my Lorax door (which I saw on pinterest). We will be seeing this soon in theaters! I cannot wait to add to this with student work and of course truffulas trees!
I would like to do a little Q&A of your questions so please comment below and let me know if there is something you would like me to post about on my blog! AND if you have emailed me and I did not get back to you, please resend the email! I promise to get to them this weekend! :)

Happy Friday!
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