Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inferencing Activities

I may have had to clean out my purse before beginning this activity. No matter HOW organized I am… somehow my purse is always a failure of organization. I am CONSTANTLY digging through the black hole to find my keys. Super annoying.

However, when I saw this activity from Abby I knew my kids would love it too. 

Recording sheet inspired by Leslie Ann.
Am I a sassy bride or what? And how cute are my students inferences? 

Another activity I found on blogs for inferencing was from Cara Carroll. We used the book "David Gets in Trouble", which is perfect for inferencing. I intended to use the book "No David" like Cara used, however when I could not find that one I did a lil' quick change to this book.  This book works well too! 

Thanks girls for the inspiration! Made my life a little easier when planning :)
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  1. Love those little Davids! So cute!

  2. Love the purse inference!!

  3. I totally did both of these when I did inferring as well! Such a help!!

  4. I used the purse idea for determining importance. I had the kids tell me what to keep and what I did not need. well, you can imagine! haha they love our personal belongings!

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    1. We actually did a writing activity similar to this. We did Narrative writing with it because our Genre study right now is Narrative Writing.The students told a story about a time that David came to their house. too cute!

  6. check it out!

  7. I love your blog! You have so many great ideas. I have been following you for a few months now. Congrats on your engagement. I just got engaged too!

    Your classroom style reminds me of my own. Love the bright colors and fun prints.

    I teach Kindergarten in New Jersey and I recently started a blog of my own. Just posted a bunch of pictures so far. However, everyone that comes across my blog says they would love to follow me, but i do not have a follow link on my blog. Do you know how to fix this? I figured you would because you are such an awesome blogger. Keep up the great work!