Monday, February 27, 2012

Mardi Gras Update through Pictures...

Just another reason it is great to grow up in Louisiana… Mardi Gras. 

To celebrate Mardi Gras my class made mini king cakes using: donuts, glaze, purple, yellow, and green sprinkles! They loved it. My shirt I wore that day, did not. Glaze all over. 

Ms. Thomas and I in my crafty lil' headbands I made. Yeah I have a inner Martha in me!

Here are my little ones already ready for the parade!

Luckily for us in LA we get a few days off to celebrate the holiday. So we headed to New Orleans to enjoy the carnival time!

We also attended the Endymion Extravaganza {Mardi Gras Ball}.

And of course, who did I make sure I found that night… MS. THOMAS. Looking quite sassy with her lil braid! Love her.
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  1. How fun!! I wish we got to celebrate it out here too :) Love your sparkly dress!

  2. love the pictures!! love you too!

  3. You are so fun and talented! Thank you for all of your inspiration!