Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Updates and Sales!

So, I'm not sure if you heard but I was the winner of a $25.00 gift card to Lakeshore from the oh so cute Mrs. Saoud from Primary Graffiti (check her out, she has great ideas). Honestly, as a teacher that's probably the best gift card to get! I was beyond happy (I did a twirl, a high kick, and happy dance... the standard I'm getting free money to spend dance ha)!

Here is the fab gift and the cute note Mrs. Saoud wrote to me! Thanks so much Cherly, it is appreciated greatly and will go to GREAT use in my classroom!
So, ladies... any advice on what the buy? I'm sure they're are a few of you teacher shopaholics that have some suggestions. 

I was thinking of purchasing the All Purpose Teacher Organizer below. I made my own version with the lakeshore bins I got with my leveled library but there all a boring green! Any other items out there that I may be unaware of that I need? Seriously, I could spends LOTS of money at Lakeshore, it's a sickening problem!
Also, in honor of Teacher's Appreciation Day (and knowing exactly what all goes into the job of being a teacher), I have also joined the Teachers Pay Teachers sale. I do not have much in my store yet, but I figured I would still join in. Stay turned for new things this summer! :) The sale will be open today and tomorrow, since I was late getting around to it today! Don't forget to use the promo code TAD11 to get an ADDITIONAL 20% off! Happy Shopping! I already racked up on some of my fellow bloggers goods. 

Click the Icon below to go to my TPT Sale!
Hope you are all enjoying your Teacher's Appreciation week, and your students are blessing you with awesome work habits and behavior! 

Let the bitter sweet countdown to the end of the school year begin! (17 more days, AH!)
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  1. So much fun! I won 2 giveaways yesterday! I like all-purpose organizer. Lakeshore also has really great board games!

    Miss Kindergarten