Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teacher/ Lakeshore Purchases

While in Houston for the Debbie Diller Conference, Ms. Thomas suggested we go to Lakeshore. Seriously? Bad Idea! Thanks a lot Ffi. We both gave ourselves a budget... and yet still went over. I just CANNOT pass up a teacher sale. I am weak. 

However, I did good and put things back that I did not need at this exact moment and they were not on sale. I am a recovering from an obsession with shopping...these things take time. Anyways, I got a school planner which is perfect. It even has to do list pages throughout, we all know I love a list.  As you can see I bought the Blends and Digraphs Work Center. It came with cards and foam letters. I figured this would be great to incorporate in one of my workstations and it was on sale for $23.00. I had to get it. 

I also purchased this new Vera Bradley notebook. I have an obsession with notebooks. I like to write down my lists, teacher ideas, and to do's in something cute. Can you blame me? It makes me happy.

At the Debbie Diller Conference she gave us these book bags from Really Good Stuff. I'm thinking about getting these for small groups next year. Do any of you use them? Is it worth the money? 

 Lastly, I told you I won the $25.00 gift card from Lakeshore from Primary Graffiti. After trying to figure out what to buy with the money, I finally decided upon the Teacher organizer. I love all things organization and this is purely for the teacher. I figured I would never splurge for something for myself otherwise, so I might as well do it with my gift card. Therefore, when Lakeshore did their end of the year promo code for 20% off, I just had to go ahead and get the Teacher Organizer. I think the grand total for my purchase was $17.00. Can't beat that! 

I love getting packages at the door...

Yay! It's so pretty! I know I am going to love it. 
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  1. I saw in the dollar section at Target-- (not 1 dollar but for 2.50) a variety of designed lunch cooler bags. I wonder if those would work the same? Just a thought

    Primary Connections

  2. I just love how you write. Reading your blog for me is like sitting down and having a conversation with you. You always make me smile and you have a way with words.

    Just thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know. :-)
    Delivery bags

    Delivery bags

  3. I love your blog and have added several items to my TpT wishlist! Thanks!

  4. Your blog is amazing! I just stumbled upon it and I have spent way too much time here already. You have such great ideas and I appreciate you sharing them. I have just recently started my own blog and I would love for you to follow me.


  5. I love a cute notebook to start the school year off too. :-) Cute blog!