Monday, August 1, 2011

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

Cue the theme song to Friends here... 

This post is dedicated to my girl, my teamie, my teacher bff... Ms. Thomas (at The First Grade Jungle). Monica over at The Schroeder Page is having a linky party dedicated to your teamie! So because I love my teamie, I decided to join in as well!

10 Questions about my Teamie: Ms. Thomas

#1 How long have you and your Teamie been teaching together? 
This is our 2nd year teaching together. She was in 2nd Grade the year before, but when a position opened up in 1st grade I was secretly plotting to have her on my team! 

#2 What is your Teamie's best quality? 
Her enthusiasm... she keeps me motivated! I love her for it!

#3 Who will retire first?
Please let it be me! I seriously think we will be doing something in the education world forever... but were young so we have lots of time to think about that later :)

#4 What makes you two an awesome pair? 
Luckily we have the same teaching philosophies... we share ideas, materials, and pretty much everything in between. It is nice to have someone who supports you, listens, contributes and just "gets it". 

#5 Do you both have any rituals that get you through the day or a hard time?
Ma' girl has a coffee pot in her room (also known as Cafe Thomas)... we both have an understanding that the day doesn't begin until we have had our coffee. However, the most important part to our sanity= sliding door. If you do not have a sliding door with your BFF on the other side, then simply put... you are jealous. All I have to do is slide the door and give a look and she gets it. 

#6 What is a word that describes your Teamie? 
Organized (trust me, you would be jealous)

#7 Is your Teamie in the blog world?  If so...what is their blog?
Duh she is. 

#8 What is the funniest thing that you and your Teamie had to face at school?  
We are funny. Period. 
Honestly, there is so much to say here but let me just say a few: we have been known to show up to school in the same outfits, not a joke and a tad embarrassing, I also enjoy catching Ffi talking to herself in the morning (about all the things she needs to do and her frustrations ha), her voice recordings in the listening station, mocking people, being pushed around in her rolling chair by students when she was sick, high kicks and twirls when we are happy, and in general "The Park"... it gives girls like us lots of comedic material. What can I say... we are a good time. 

#9 Complete this sentence...I would not trade my Teamie for a $1,000 gift card at the Dollar store  because...
Really? My teamie is worth more than $1,000 dollars to me... she keeps me sane and saves me time through our collaboration/ sharing! Plus, if I am going to spend money on teaching supplies I would prefer her to do it with me!

#10 Add a special tribute to your Teamie:
To my boo, ma' girl...  You are no longer just my teamie, you are truly one of my besties. 

You know me better than some of friends! ha It is nice to be able to spIit up the weight with our teaching resposbilities and to know someone will always have my back. I am BEYOND grateful to have you a sliding door away. 

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  1. hahahahaha! This cracks me up! I wish I had an awesome Teamie like that!!! =)

  2. I want to be your their any way we could join forces? Are you two willing to relocate? Maybe we can just SKYPE with my Teamie and we will have a planning session:)
    Thanks for linking up!
    The Schroeder Page

  3. LOVE you too Ffi!

    And Mrs. Schroeder, we can adopt you into our teamie... and definitely arrange a lil' quality time through skype to teacher plan!

  4. I am so excited to find your blog Ms. Simoneaux! We went to high school together and I can still see your bubbly personality fitting right into your classroom! :) I teach Pre-K but can still use some of your ideas in my room!

  5. Just found your blog! I had a "teamie" for many years, but then she retired. I miss that person that always has your back!!