Monday, August 1, 2011

Listening Workstation Poster

A follower of mine asked if I could send her the sign I used in my Listening Workstation last year... however, of course I did not know where the sign was from or where it was saved! So, like I promised that follower I re-created it! (Using sassy fonts and colors of course!)

Click the link below for the sign!
I decided to use the neon colors for the dots instead of primary colors since those are ALWAYS at Walmart... however, let me know if you would like different colors and I will change them for you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You offered to change colors, would you mind putting rewind with another color instead of the headphones? If you can't that's fine. My students are always confused with the buttons on a tape player, this will help. THanks so much!!

  2. I just uploaded another version for you!

  3. The tape player thing was quite a puzzle to my student teacher this year. She did not know how to work it:( Boy did I feel old!
    The Schroeder Page

  4. Awesome, I love the poster, thanks for sharing!

  5. Can you please...change the colors to primary and add rewind? I would be! Awesome poster!

  6. I suppose I should have left my email... Thx again! Caryl

  7. I use inexpensive MP3 players for my listening station. I have been getting the newer CD/book packs that are offered monthly in the SeeSaw Scholastic Catalogs. I love that I can have several books out at a time and students don't have to wait for everyone in the group to be there to start. I like your poster and idea of using the stickers. I'm brainstorming how to make it work for the MP3 buttons. The buttons are so small though.


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