Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There are three good reasons to be a teacher...

June, July, and August. 
Ha! Just Kidding! However, as the summer comes to an end I'm sure we can all agree on that statement! Even though whoever said the quote lives in a dream world where summer break lasts for three months!

This is what I walked into Monday morning. Blah. 
Yep. Its been a long three days... and I am still not done. 
My glue gun and I are at war right now, and by the look of my hands... I think the glue gun is winning. 
Ms. Simoneaux - 0, Glue Gun - 1 

My goodies from Mardel came in yesterday! Thank the lord!
The border I bought... overboard, yes. Spent too much? Yes. 

Things that make me smile, even just for a while...
Really though, I passed these up last time due to my budget but this time around Mr. Sketch 18 pack was calling my name. Buy me, buy me! So I did just that.

 The Time Tracker for small groups...after four years of needing a timer, I finally got one. It is about time.

The following item I am not even sure what exactly it is or why I bought it. Ha. However, for five dollars I was hoping that it would be worth the purchase.
I haven't listened to the CD but I "think" it is something that could be used in the listening station. It also came with the books below.

I will be posting pictures of my classroom as tomorrow! 

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  1. Just found your blog and love it!!