Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocking Out in First Grade!

Hi, my name is Morgan and I have a problem with rearranging my classroom mulitple times during the year. IT NEVER FAILS.

This is basically how the weeks leading up to the first day of school look: 
1. I map out my room. I plan for every area that I need in my room and what I want on the walls.
2. I walk into my BLANK ALL WHITE room. (Thank you summer school for making me destroy everything I stressed over all year).
3. I start putting up the decor, I move furniture into the place I arranged for. Things do not fit appropriately, I move furniture again. Eventually I have the room how I want it! Yay. This takes days (which is the small amount of in between time from summer school to our first day). 
4. I am a happy teacher in my pretty room... waiting for my kiddos.

Then, BOOM... October hits. I dislike the "flow" of my room. 
5. My kids walk into a new room sometime around then. I like it now.
*This happened more then I would like to admit during the school year. Oops!

Now, tell me I am not the only one with this problem! I think the issue is unlike with my own apartment (furnished by my father in the furniture business) I did not get to pick out the items in my classroom nor do I have the means to actually do that myself. Sadly, neither does my school. So I make do with what I have and I end up never pleased. Wamp wamp. This year however, I have decided to really make a room that I love. If I love it, then my students will love it based off of my pure enthusiasm about how much I love it! Last year I looked at a lot of blogs for inspiration of how I would like my room to be set up. I have never used a theme so I really wanted to pick something that would appeal to MY personality! I found Cara's pictures and I loved them. If you know me you know I am a fan of neon, sparkle, hollywood, fashion, etc. Her room screamed rockstar glamour! And here we are today... my new room will be a mix of hollywood/ rockstar, neon colors, and sparkle! I am now done mapping out my room, my walls, and fingers crossed this will happen once and stay that way. *Ms. Thomas it is YOUR job to keep me strong*

Also, tonight while I was checking out some of my fav bloggers, I saw Abby was doing a Rockstar room as well! This makes me happy! I saw her cute behavior management and I LOVE IT! Abby you are a true inspiration as well! I cannot wait to post pictures of my new room... and give you a glimpse into my teacher bffs room. We have a sliding door between our room, no big deal. 
That door= teacher heaven!

Question: How do you keep from rearranging your room during the year and What is your theme?

In other news, I am now back from NYC! Is it possible to be even busier over the summer? I am NEVER home! Always in another city! Below are some pictures from my trip! That city kicked my bottom back into shape... a certain someone I went with LOVED the subway, so I did at least 4 hours of stair master/ treadmill time (if not more). 

Cental Park Tour on the Pedi Cab... best idea my feet have ever known

  Dinner in NYC is fabulous.    

At the Carrie Bradshaw stoop. In love.

 Rockefeller Observation Deck

 Serendipity= Bliss.

 Please look at those stairs. That was one of THREE we did to get down to this subway. I died. Must. Work. Out!

 FAO Schwartz where my sweet boyfriend bought an Broadway and Subway children's book for my classroom. Sweet lil thing.

 Pipa's Tapas Dinner. Wonderful!

 Last night. Last subway. 

One happy child on the subway. 
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  1. Before I had tables, I rearranged my room a lot! But now with the tables, they have to be where they are - which is a good thing and a bad thing. (I at times miss rearranging!)

    My theme for the year is, "Oh, the places you'll go!" Which after seeing so many cute things out there I want to change it! But I will stick with it!

  2. I can't help ya dearie....I rearrange too. Sigh. Makes things interesting at least!

    I'm not really doing a theme this year -- just lots of bright colors with fun reading nooks.

  3. I personally love that time of year when I can hear furniture moving next door! HA! I will keep you strong my darling!

  4. It's good to know I am not the only one out there! I am definitely going to try to get it right once and keep it that way so I am not pushing the desk around mid-day (with my lil kiddies in them ha)