Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life unload....

This girl has been one BUSY teacher. I seriously barely have time to sleep. So when you ask the question... does she sleep? Answer: no. 
But seriously though. 
Before I catch you up on school, let me begin by explaining where I have gone missing to.

1. Birthday. Always loads of fun! Yes I celebrated the entire week! Bless my students'/ husband's hearts for listening to me go on about it.
Birthday Dinners

Birthday Flowers

 Wearing pink for my birthday week... it's what I do, and it's acceptable to wear as much possible. 

 2. Mardi Gras Season= Mardi Gras balls.
2 down, 1 more to go this weekend, which will be followed along with a break. Amen.

Loading up on BEADS for my husband to ride in the parade.

3. Super Bowl Weekend in NOLA. SO MUCH FUN... SO TIRED.

So I promised I was not avoiding all of you... I've just been SUPER busy! And with wedding season upon us... I won't slow done till... JUNE!

Now on to school stuff, you know... what this blog is all about. 
We celebrated the 100th day of school last week. You can see what I did last year here.
This year I added some new ideas, and of course stuck to some oldies that I love. 

One of the new ideas I had was using the 100s grid.
I gave each student a 100s grid. Then, my littles had to make a picture with it and create a number sentence with the amount they used to make their picture. I was pleasantly surprised by my students creativity!
{gas tank}


Of course I did the "what I would look like at 100" self portraits. They are always so cute! 
How cute are my boo boos! 
When I am 100, I will have crazy hair and a mustache.
When I am 100, I will be an old lady and roll in a wheel chair.

I forgot to snap a picture of their 100th day writing! They wrote about what they would spend $100 on, and they turned out presh! I gave them fake dollar bills to use with their drawings. You would have thought they were real! They could not WAIT to get one to use in their drawings. Definitely an incentive to use good writing skills! I also forgot to snap pictures of their 100th day chex mix! That is something I will for sure do next year. They loved it!

Now I also had ALL of December and January pictures to catch you up on. Maybe over my Mardi Gras Break :)

Hopefully I will not be a stranger to the blog for long. I plan on having a sale since apparently I fell off the Earth and missed ALL of them. Ugh! Bummer! I have a shopping cart loaded with TpT wish list purchases! However, at least you all can benefit from my sale. 

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all!

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  1. I love your pink pants and torys! Where did you get the pants??

    1. Thanks! They are from the gap...I bought them online 2 weeks ago.

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  3. What great ideas for the 100th day! Thanks for sharing! We are your newest followers!
    Teaching Little Miracles