Saturday, June 8, 2013

Five for Friday... Summer Break Style

It is so nice to finally feel like I have "free" time. For a hot minute at least. 

1. All cleaned and ready for summer break and a popcorn treat with my littles on the last day of school. 

2. My sweet first grade team at the end of the year crawfish boil.

3.  Enjoying being able to hang out with the hubs!
My boy and I celebrating the end of my school year with a fancy dinner!

Memorial Day at the beach.
4. Being domestic and cooking dinner.

5. Planning for my classroom next year! Trying out the new goods. 
(And yes that is my husband making fun of me with his comment on instagram. Funny.)

Happy Summer!!
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  1. You are adorable! And super brave to be eating that delicious looking yellow slushie over your white pants!!

  2. Oh MY! Where is that boat? I want a little boat like that for my classroom!!!!