Thursday, March 10, 2011

Classroom Happenings...

Here's a few things happening in my room....

Here is an anchor chart I made to help my kiddos remember Plot. This is the first time it has been introduced but they have really gotten a good grasp on definition of the word due to the poster and the roller-coaster hand motion I make them do! 

I then created this graphic organizer. Since we were reading Dr. Seuss books last week I had the students give me the plot the "Green Eggs and Ham". 

In Math we have begun our unit on Money. One word- wow. I mean for students who love money... I thought they would at least have some background knowledge on the coins? Not so much. 
So after much discussion on the coins last week, this week I incorporated some money counting activities. One idea I found from ChalkTalk used the book "Jelly Beans For Sale" By Bruce McMillan. 
We read this book together in class and then I had students complete the recording sheet below. First the students drew 10 jelly beans in their left hand. Then they were giving coin printables, and were asked to create 10 cents in any way they wanted using their coins, color the coins the appropriate color, and glue them on their left hand. 

Also, here is the Cat in the Hat goes to a Mardi Gras Parade Writing activity I promised I would post yesterday. The kids came up with cute ideas... I guess they know how to cause a lil' chaos?

I am SO ready to start on all of my fun St. Patrick's day activities next week... here is the poem I introduced so far. More to come next week. 

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  1. I love the anchor chart! Thanks so much for sharing. Where did you get the font that the word "Plot" is written in on the worksheet? Too cute!

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  2. Jean, I don't know why but I am JUST NOW seeing this post! So sorry for the delayed response! Anyways, the font was from Lettering Delights... I think it's called Gingerbread, or something like that.

  3. Found your blog through pinterest! VERY CUTE! :0)

  4. Hi there, I just discovered your cute! I tried to get the plot organizer but it doesn't show up on TpT. Is there something I need to do to find it? Thanks, Elizabeth

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