Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Ffi!

So it was my BFF's birthday today, Ms. Thomas from The First Grade Jungle. Yay. 
It is truly the best thing to open my sliding door and see her face each day! It is such a blessing having someone who has the same views on teaching! Not to mention I feel like I have constant fun with her, I am always laughing throughout the day! Seriously thought, who else would prance around the room and do a high kick with me in the morning when were excited about something? Yeah, we do that. We have also shown up wearing the same outfit as well, thats when you know you're too close! ha
So Happy Birthday Ffion! Hope it was the Best day!

The cupcakes I got for her that were gluten free :)
Here we are after I took my class into her room and we all sang her happy birthday, complete with the "how old are you?... and may the good lord bless you, achoo" that my students added to the end of the birthday song which I never had heard, but I love.

Now on to some school stuff...
Below are a few pictures from the Babbling Abby Popcorn Adjectives Activity
I took my students into Ms. Thomas' room so they could watch her pop the popcorn with the air popper. (This thing is our new friend on Fridays for our Funday Friday activity. Funday Friday is a reward for those students who have had great behavior all week. We usually do something small at the end of the day on Friday for those students. So now with the air popper... Hello popcorn and a movie!)
 The students watched the popcorn popping on the Elmo!
And finally, here is one of my sweeties with her new Biscuit books. Seriously, these books have been an AHH HAA moment for some of my students! Finally reading clicked. After seeing Ffion use the Biscuit phonics books with her struggling readers I went and purchased them to try out as well. Bingo. My low readers finally gained confidence and found a love for this dog. I emailed the author to tell her my students love for her books, and she graciously sent us SIX books! So dang sweet of her. My angel was so pumped to get some new books to read during her read to self! What a great teacher moment!

AND...I know I have not posted much on teacher stuff lately, I feel swamped with school and our spring break is still too far away! Ugh. But I promise I will get back to posting ideas very soon!
Happy Friday tomorrow! 
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