Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doubles Rap Ipod and More...

I have been really bad at taking pictures of what is been going on in my classroom lately! I have just been SO busy! Therefore, on Thursday I made a POINT to get the camera out and snap some shots for y'all! 

Here are a few things that we have been doing in class lately!
Luckily I have Ms. Thomas to split up the lesson planning! Thank You Kiss Kiss to a bff teamie! I have been planning our Math lessons so far this year. We are currently finishing up addition and doubles facts. Last week while checking out Pinterest I saw this ADORABLE idea to create a Doubles Rap Ipod. I have taught the rap every year, but I thought this idea was perfect for my littles! They loved it. On the inside I had them make doubles facts flashcards to store in their Ipod. They love opening the ipod and flashing those cards. 
*If you would like the template for the rap and ipod piece let me know and I will upload it*

Last week in Treasures one of our skills was learning about adding -ed. Ms. Thomas purchased this from  The Teachers Wife. Seriously loved it. It was perfect. 
This is the poster that the packet came with.  There was also a student copy included where the students could decorate the -ed and then write words ending with -ed around it. 

I placed the student copy on my board and demonstrated how to decorate their copies as well. My students love to watch me draw and decorate. Bless their hearts, they think I am such an artist. 

Another purchase from the The Teacher Wife was her All About Nouns packet. 
Here are the signs that came with the poster. 

If you are looking for a cute book on nouns and verbs I purchased this one and it is filled with lots of nouns and verbs to teach your kiddos. Plus, the story it pretty cute too! 

Tomorrow we are doing some fun pumpkin activities! Stay tuned for those pictures soon. Here is the poem we used for Poetry Tuesday last week! 

Now it is WAY past my bed time! This weekend was jam packed with my friend's rehearsal dinner, wedding, and then halloween! I am exhausted, yet it was well worth it! Two years ago I met this boy at an LSU game on Halloween night. 
Hope you have a safe and happy halloween!

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  1. I'd love a copy of your iPod pattern, etc. Please upload or email.

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    I'd love copies of the ipod and song. Thanks!

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  5. I just posted the free template at my teachers pay teachers store! Hope this helps!

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    This looks sooo cute!

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