Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Read to Self and Classroom Re-do...

I'm pretty excited that our Read to Self is now in full swing. My kids started Read to Self last Wednesday and they are already up to reading for 12 minutes. Yeah I said 12… surprisingly these littles aren't having as hard of a time during Read to Self as I expected. I cannot explain it, since they are an "active" class… yet I am GRATEFUL!

We really discussed picking Just Right books before we started our RTS, which I am hoping my students really grasp this concept soon! Our books are housed in these pretty books bins from Really Good Stuff that my sweet bf donated… I love them and the kids do too! 

Last year he donated the Lakeshore Leveled Reading Library set one and two. You have NO idea how this improved my classroom library and my students interest in books. I had so many old torn up books that teachers did not want. Needless to say, my library was nothing impressive. Now I have an array of fab books for my students to choose from for their book bins. 
Also, I taught my students the IPICK rap, which I recommend! The kids love it and a bonus for you… it's pretty funny to watch.

Here are a few pictures of my class during our Read to Self time:


In other news… I finally got this:
*Insert choir singing here*
Yes that is a new activboard! 
However, as you can see it is on the wall where a large cabinet (same as the one on the right)  and my classroom library once was! Ugh. I am in between two movable walls so this was the only wall available for the board to go on. 
What does this mean? Yep, it's makeover time. Yuck. Although I welcome the change… I can honestly say I wanted to pull my hair out at the thought of a room re-do. But, what's a girl to do? So I sucked it up, but on my big girl panties… and re did my room. Look for before and after pictures tomorrow :)

Also, I have started my small groups therefore I needed to remake my Making Words Folders (Ms. Thomas introduced them to me last year). I found this template at Teacher Bits and Bobs. I printed out the pages and taped them down onto the folder. Instead of using post it notes which I found is easily destroyed.. I printed the sheets again on card-stock, laminated and cut out each piece. I used velcro to hold them down since this seemed to work for Ms. Thomas really well last year! I am pretty excited to use these is small groups! 

Lastly, my Tigers are 5-0 and ranked #1! Here are me and my girls at the last games! 

Geaux Tigers!

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  1. Love the folder. I can't find the download for the making words. Do you have it?

  2. Sorry Caroline… I actually found it at Teacher Bits and Bobs! You can find it here:

  3. I love your blog & your IPICK rap! Too cute! How long did it take them to learn it?


  4. Hi Heather, I definitely did not make up the IPICK rap and the video is one from Youtube (not my class)… it only took my kids a day to learn the rap! They loved it!
    -Ms. Simoneaux

  5. aww cute! I need to teach my kiddos!


  6. What do you do if you need more than one of a letter when you are making words?

  7. I was really wanting to make a set for my whole class this year but when shopping for velco I quickly had to change my mind. Yikes! :) Did you find an inexpensive place to buy velco? By the way thanks for the link for the letters! I love the Diagraphs and Blends!!!!