Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's In My Bag Linky Party

It wasn't until my third year of teaching when I finally invested in a Teacher Bag. *I know right?* I was so tired of all of my bags falling apart into a shredded mess of pieces! I'm pretty sure that was a sign that I needed to stop lugging teacher junk home… however, I just took it as a sign to go shopping for a bag that could handle this problem. 

So, last year I bought this lil' number. And I love her.
I purchased her online from LL Bean and chose to monogram it. I love the material, it's so sturdy, it can handle it all. However, it has left bruises on my poor lil' arms from that problem mentioned early. Punishment? Sometimes I pack it to the top with teacher things which I can barely carry. Why do I do this? Not sure. Most of the items never get touched.

Exhibit A: The pile of stuff I cleared out of my bag on Monday. What it is, I'm not sure… I guess I'll sort through it one day. I'm sure I will be searching for something soon and it will be located in this pile. Oh well. 
Items that are currently in my bag: planner, notebook, binder for my grades, lessons, etc.
Clipboard with our current Units of Exploration Topic: Ocean Animals, my new read, and random cut outs that I didn't know were in there?
Pen Pouch, Calculator, Crayons…. the necessities. 

 As far as my teacher purse goes… I recently had to take reduce the size of this lover. I love my red Chanel but it was TOO much to carry with the teacher bag. Plus, I could NEVER EVER EVER find my keys. It was seriously annoying. So I started using the brown Chanel. 
I love looking inside people's purses but I won't torture you with mine. Its a mess! I carry my life in those purses. 
Hope you link up with The Inspired Apple so I can snoop inside your teacher bags! 
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  1. When I pulled out my old teaching bags to photograph, I found random cut-outs, too!! And a bag of brand new Sharpies that I'd forgotten about...that's when you know you have a pen problem! Ha!

    Thanks for playing along, girl!

  2. I love LL Bean totes! ...and the monogram you chose. super cute!

  3. I love the monogram :) Isn't it funny how all teachers take home tons of things we just don't have the time to get to? Why do we do that?!? :)

  4. I know I should be focusing on your teaching bag, but I'm in love with your Chanel bags!

    Ed Link - First Grade

  5. My favorite is your crayons! I'm surprised they survive in your bag and still look brand-new.


  6. what size is your ll bean bag? i can't decide if medium is enough, or if i need the large one to hold my huge-mongous 2 in. lesson plan binder-- i don't carry many teachers guides anymore, but do tote home the binder & odds n ends of papers and other teacher books-- whaddya think?