Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wishful Wednesdays..

As I sit here at home trying to scratch off items on my ever growing to do list all I can see is mini piles of teacher goods, EVERYWHERE. My poor living room is currently overtaken by my teacher life.

 Currently spread out across the room: laminator, laminating film, sentence strips, markers, test papers, printer, card-stock,  teacher bag, ziplock bags, teacher books... Seriously, all I can think is how much I would LOVE a beautiful office, organized with my OCD categorizing skills (Lots of storage), with a large table for all of the craftivites a teacher makes,  ALL devoted to my teaching hobby obsession and styled perfectly by moi. It will be complete with every teaching crafty necessity I could possibly think of! Ugh. Wishful thinking! 

Here are a few teacher office inspirations:

*Insert Pottery Barn Lust here*
A girl can dream! 

Even though I do not currently have this dream office, I am currently crushing on these teacher tools:

1. This pencil pouch. Honestly, I am obsessed with it. I take it everywhere I go. Three pouches and its small. 
Be honest.. you know you want one.

2. In the Pouch is my Favorite Pens: Fine Tip Flair Pens, Sharp Writer Pencils, White-Out and my new current fav pens to write in my planner... Foray Style-mark Fine Tip Pens. Perfect for writing in small places. 

3. Crayola Poster Markers. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mr. Sketch Markers but these poster markers are awesome! They are perfect for writing on chart paper and creating adorable anchor charts! Plus, the colors are so vibrant on paper. Love. 

4. Personalized Notebook from CVS (probably one of my favorite stores. Kid you not. I love me some ExtraCare Bucks). 

5. My Laminator and Card-stock

6. Clipboard with storage. Need I say more?

7. Paper Pro Stapler (Ms. T introduce me this this bad boy. Best stapler to use in the classroom!)

8. My gorgeous new teacher planner thanks to Erin Condren. Officially obsessed. It is definitely pricey, but worth the money. Well, at least to me. 

What are you currently wishing for?

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Love all the office inspirations!! Thanks for sharing!!

    ~Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  2. I have that stapler. My one disappointment is that it won't open to tack things on the walls.

  3. I actually thought the same thing too! However it does open up... it just takes a little more strength to get it to do so!

  4. I've been wanting to buy my own laminator... is the scotch one a good brand? I am also envious of your planner! I need to save up and buy one! :)


    The Sharpened Pencil

  5. Love that pencil pouch! You need to get the white out's amazing!!

  6. Janae, the scotch laminator is AMAZING! And it was only $26.00, can't beat that!

  7. Love teacher stuff! That pencil pouch is too cute!

  8. Where did you get your planner? I love all of your favorites!!