Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Work Station Pictures...

Since I was pretty busy monitoring my students during their first round of Work Stations yesterday (some littles have problem with remember the "I Can" list, you know those kids). Like I promised in the post yesterday, I took some more pictures today! 

Word Wall Work Station
As of now students can either fill out their mini word walls or use the fancy pointer to point and read to words.  The mini word walls will go into a page protector and place in their work station folders. Students will be able to add to this as we add to the wall throughout the year. Eventually, students will have different activities to complete with the words on the wall.  

Students filling out their mini word walls. 

Poetry Station
Students can copy the large poem displayed, copy a poem from the poetry binder (which is not yet placed in the workstation), highlight rhyming words, illustrate the poem they copied, and read poems. I love to watch their Poetry Journals grow as the year goes on.  The students keep their Poetry Journals all together in a plastic basket, which I forgot to take a picture of. This makes it easy for the students to quickly get the journal and get to work, instead of having to get it from their desks. 

Another shot of my improved Library. I added another bookshelf and then moved the students' book bins to this spot.

Close up of the students' book bins.

In the picture below you can see one child picking a "just right fit" book, and another using the whisper phone to read. 

ABC/ Word Study

Listening Station

Pocket Chart Station

Finally put up the "I Can" list and added a hook for the sentence strips to hang. 

Debbie Diller's Rotation Chart... love this thing. Worth EVERY penny. *Or that's what I tell myself*

 Finally a shot of the Math Work Station Tubs... more to come on these later. 

In writing, our mini-lesson focus is on capitalization. I created a chart with my students in whole group about capitalization and then later went back and made it into an Anchor Chart later. 

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  1. I love your anchor charts. I'm somewhat ashamed to say this but I've never really used them before and I'm struggling with how or what exactly to introduce when I introduce them? Where should I start...

  2. I love your classroom! The animal rug is great! Your students looked very engaged in their stations. Cute mini word walls!!

  3. I think that all the different centers would work great at my school. There are many students who would benefit from the repeated practice of creating word walls and poetry journals. Looking forward to seeing more about the poetry...

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