Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Classroom Happenings...

I tried to snap a few pictures before I left school today…

In math last week we learned about skip counting. I saw Cara Carroll's idea on using socks to demonstrate skip counting my 2s. Knowing that most of my students would not be able to bring a new pair of socks to school, I drew a pair of socks. I had each student decorate their socks, and then we labeled them by 2s. 

Here is the template I drew….

We also used hands to skip count by 5s and 10s but I forgot to take that picture! 

In Social Studies we discussed "Me on the Map". I loved doing this activity! Tip to those of you who attempt this: it takes a while to make if you have your students doing all the work: cutting, labeling, drawing (which I did). It is definitely something I will be doing again next year. 

Last week I told you that were were creating How To Writings during our writers workshop time. My students wrote "How To Scare a Cat" based off of the story Scardey-Cat Splat. Instead of copying my Scaredy Cat on construction paper I just copied it on white paper and had my students color it accordingly. Save myself some time ya know! 

This week our topic in writing is creating a report. I chose to use our big book from Treasures this week "Red Eyed Tree Frog".  

First, we used this brace map to organize the information we learned from the book. 

Tomorrow, we will use our bubble map to begin brainstorming ideas for our sentences! 
After we publish our writing, we will then create our lil' Red Eyed Tree Frogs. 

Also, I am working on a Subtraction Packet to use in work stations. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow! It will cover subtracting with counters, subtraction number sentences, comparing the difference, counting back on a number line, etc. 
(This unit is now on TeachersPayTeachers click the picture above or here to go to my store!)
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  1. I love your Splat how-to writings!! I also love the "Me on the Map" activity. I am going to do that this year when do our maps unit. Your Red-Eyed Tree Frog graphic organizers are great!!! Would you be willing to share these?

    Jennifer A.

  2. Wow! Lots of great stuff. I like the socks idea.

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  4. What a cute blog you have - I'm so happy to have found you!!! Can't wait to explore! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

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