Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daily Math Word Problems

I dont know about your kiddos but every year my class is SCARED of math word problems. When given a word problem on the district mandated unit tests they all of a sudden can no longer add or subtract! Eek! I die.

Therefore, this year I decided to implement Math Word Problems into my routine. I introduce it to my students as "Word Problem Wednesdays". I really like to stick to theme days in my such as Poetry Tuesday, Fix It Up Thursday (Grammar Sentences). It helps my students (and myself) stay on a schedule and know what is coming up! 
I created a Daily Math Word Problems packet that includes 72 pages of a variety of math word problems such as: number sense, counting, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, time, money, more/ less, and skip counting!  The problems are geared towards the primary grades. I based the pages around the FISH solving method:

F- Find the problem
I- Illustrate it
S- Solve it
H- How did you find the answer?

Here are some examples of the pages included:
So far my littles are loving Word Problem Wednesdays!  Are you doing word problems with you students?

If you would like to check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store click here!
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  1. This looks great! My students seem to have trouble with word problems. I think this would be a great way to get them to think about what they need to do to solve the problem! I also like how you broke it up into steps.

  2. I like this. How many do they do per session?

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Currently my students are only completing one every Wednesday… we're taking baby steps! As of now my students still need a lot of time to complete one word problem, therefore to not take more time out of our day we only complete one.
    -Ms. Simoneaux

  4. I loved teaching word problems with my 3rd graders! We did it in a way similar to you. I also had a challenge problem for early finishers. They loved those too... Great format, love the pictures to solve!

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