Monday, November 26, 2012

Friendship Sentences for Work Stations pictures

I mentioned yesterday that I had created a new activity, which I am using in the writing work station for now. This could also be used in other work stations, however my littles this year needed extra practice creating sentences. 

Like a good blogger I got the camera out today to take pictures of my kids at work! 

I use a small pocket chart for the students to create setences. After they create the sentences the record them on the sheet; being mindful of capitlization, spacing, spelling, and punctuation. So far my students have loved it!  I store the strips in the basket below the chart. However, the words they use most often (likes the, color, likes to, eat, drink) are stored in the bottom of the pocket chart. 

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Also, I snapped a picture of my littles working on their short e words.

I plan on making a lot more of these acticities to use at our pocket chart. I love seeing my students sound out words to figure out which picture the word belongs with. It's great practice!

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Also, I am really excited about a new Work Station activity for the Overhead. I found that there were NO resources for the overhead to be used during workstations. Although this technoloy is dated my kids LOVE working at the overhead. It also is helpful that overheads are easy to acess now that most teachers are throwing them out for their interactive white boards.
This will hopefully be posted later tonight in time for the sale!

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