Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am Thankful for...

Thanksgiving Break! But really though. Are you with me?
I cannot wait to catch up on sleep, errands, and even some school work!

Now that is definitely not all that I am thankful for, I have been so blessed lately! 
If you are not new to my blog then you know I have been CRAY cray busy since oh... last January when I started planning a wedding. Life has not stopped since. However, I love every minute of all of the new things that have come with being a newlywed. Especially during the holiday season. 

 Like our first Halloween. I cannot explain how excited I was to sit outside and pass out candy! Ha. It could have partially been because I ate  candy the entire time.

The boy and I in our Halloween costume, which was my old dance team costume with some diy accessories. 
I am so thankful for him! 

I am also thankful to be at an amazing new school with some amazing new teachers. So let's catch up on what has been going on in my classroom...

Election 2012:
I was 100% inspired by Cara Carroll's Presidential Unit last year. The girl is creative! It was the perfect way to discuss the election with my littles. 

We read these three books and then did a mock election in class. 

The littles made posters to persuade other voters.
My favorite was the one of my husband and I... he's my First Man obviously.

 Here our the students self portraits and writings "If I were president..."

Another cute activity we did for Thanksgiving {which was also inspired from Cara Carroll}. 

I hope you all have a fab Thanksgiving Break! I am so thankful to you for reading and following my blog.

Next week I plan on posting about a few new TpT items I have FINALLY got around to making for work stations! :)
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