Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Work Station Ideas and Cyber Monday!

I am definetly not a Black Friday shopper. I really do not like the feeling of pressure when I am shopping. I like to shop in peace :). The majority of my purchases occur online. I like the no fuss!
Therefore, I am very excited for Cyber Monday. Mainly just for the TpT sale. Of course my Teachers Pay Teacher cart is already loaded up with items that I have been saving in my wishlist! Are you as excited as I am about the deals on TpT?

Therefore, I decided to buckle down and finish creating a few new activities for y'all. So you can grab them with the discount :).
*Click any picture below to go to the item at my TpT store*

First up, "Friendship Sentences". This activity was created to help my littles master the art of writing setneces. Starting with a capital letter, puncutation, does it make sense, etc. Therefore, I wanted to create something I thought my students would enjoy. Students simply create sentences using their friends names. I also included factualy and staff members, like myself and our principal's name when I created this activity for my class. One page inclused is used for "friends" names. The teacher will use the blank space  to cut and paste a picture and then write the name beside the picture.

The students will create sentences that look like this:
I forgot to take pictures of my littles working but they loved it! They love using their friends names to make setences and then illustrate.

Second TpT product was a Short E Penguin Sort/ Match up.

Lastly, this week our theme is Polar Bears. Sticking to the Common Core Standards this topic seemed to fit best during this time of year! Therefore, I created a little mini book for my students to use this week while we are reading about Polar Bears to gather information!
 I hope you enjoy Cyber Monday and the amazing deals for teachers on TpT!
Click the picture below to go to my store! 

Happy Holiday and Happy Shopping!

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