Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New look, New year!

I have been patiently waiting to show you my classroom pictures when my blog face lift was complete! Thank you Kerri from Cutest Blog on the Block for the makeover. My blog needed a little 'blogger botox' to perk her up, and I think we definitely accomplished the "fresh" new look!

So without further ado... Welcome to my room!

This year I decided to change it up in my classroom. I was over the neon and Rockstar theme and needed a change. My goal was to go for a more preppy nautical look this year! With a few details missing, I like how it turned out! And I apologize in advance that some of the pictures are blurry, it took me a while to get a hang of the new camera.

Classroom Hand signals:

Student Mailboxes:

Read to Self Book Bins:

Word Wall:

AR Quiz Line and Math Tubs:

Classroom Library:

Writing Work Station:

Pocket Chart Station (which is missing a lot):

Student desks:

Listening Station:

Poetry Station (ignore the poems, I just hung something up for the picture):

My small group/ desk area:


Student Work Board:

Behavior chart, rules, and portable work stations for literacy (which after looking at this picture I realized I hated how it looked and needed to make changes):

So glad this blog post is finally up! Now hopefully I can start posting more often! 
Cheers to the start of a new school year! 
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  1. I love the new design! Your room looks great!


  2. LOOOOOOVE it. Everything looks amazing and polished. :)

    Teach On.

  3. I love your room! I was going through TPT stores, found you, realized you're from Louisiana, and so of course I had to check out your blog!

  4. How did you paint your rainbow drawers? I see and love your blue and black storage containers. Can you please teach me? Thank you. Colleen

  5. C an you please tell me what your poetry work station direction card says.

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