Friday, February 4, 2011

100 days smarter... and a 100 days more tired.

Well, we did it... and when I say we, I mean me
We made it through 100 days of school! 

In First Grade we like to throw a celebration each year to commemorate our accomplishment of 100 days of school. This usually entails switching from each teachers classroom to complete some sort of fun activity about the number 100. 

My activity was the always favorite 100s Fruit Loop Necklace. Students are asked to make a pattern using fruit loops sorted into groups of 10s. Then they string the group of 10 fruit loops  onto their necklace. Then, they repeat this same step in a different color until they make 100. My students do tend to lick their fruit loop necklaces (even after much warning not to) and get sugar all of their shirts (sorry parents). 
Yet, on the plus side it leaves my room smelling fresh and fruity! 

 As you can see my students were also asked to wear 100 day gear. We told the students to choose any article of clothing and decorate the item with 100 things. Most students chose to decorate a shirt. They looked to cute!

Below are pictures of my students in another teachers classroom. She had the students make 100th day Trail Mix. The students were asked to choose a snack from the bowl and sort that item into 10s (therefore they could have 10 pretzels, 10 marshmallows, 10 skittles, 10 gummies, etc.) I went in Ms. Thomas' room to snap pictures of my kids... and MAINLY to steal gummy bears from my children. Can you blame me?

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