Friday, February 4, 2011

Math Focus Wall and My New Obsession...

(Yes, I realize the dates are both mixed up... you can thank my afternoon helpers for rearranging everything. Thank Jesus for my sweet lil Calendar Helper Seanna who keeps things straight when she gets to school each morning :) .

I have this HUGE problem when it comes to teaching... I constantly decide I do not like how something looks and want to change an entire wall immediately. So, for my birthday I asked the bf for the shut your mouth... Cricut (she is lime green and gorgeous). Did he understand why I would need this? No. Did he complain that I did not need this? Yes. However, it was MY birthday... so he lost out on that battle. 

My new obsession with cutting out scrapbook paper (which I LOVE scrapbook or card stock paper) began there. I decided I wanted to redo my Math wall to be easily assessable to the students and interactive. 

The Calendar Math Pocket Chart is from Lakeshore Learning. I love this thing. One of my student helpers changes the dates, place value and patterns around in the morning, so I do not have to spend my time doing this chore. 

I also added the interactive Weather Pig. I saw this idea on a website however, I was NOT willing to pay the $40.00 for the self made Pig. So, I made it myself. The students can decide what the Pig will wear for each days weather. So cute. However, my poor lil pig is already meeting her death. Next year I will invest in the dun dun dun DUN... Weather Panda! $12.99 and so cute (Thanks Ms. Thomas for finding this!). 

For one of my Math Workstations (which I will do a post about later in the week, when I return to school and take pictures of my tubs and rotations chart) students go to the Calendar Math Chart and fill out this recording sheet. Students arrange the Place Value and Weather Pig and then look at the parts previously discussed in whole group and complete their worksheet. 

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  1. I cannot open your math recording sheet for calendar math. Can you email it to me? THANK YOU!!!

  2. Hi just changed the settings so you should be able to access the recording sheet now!

  3. Love the focus wall. It is so cute.

    Misty @
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  4. Where did you purchase the weather Panda and the Pig please email me at gabrielleathomas@ Thanks in advance

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