Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Classroom Randomness

I am constantly thinking of ways to make my room more organized! You would think this is a good thing... however, it is SUCH a problem. My students and colleges know if they see me with my tape measure... furniture is about to move. Luckily, my students have adjusted well to my OCD. 
Here are some pictures I took of the random things I have done around the room lately.

These book bins hold my weekly materials. I wanted the ones from Lakeshore Learning, but I already had these so this will do. I put all of my materials and printables for the day in these bins. This helps (a little) from be running around the room trying to find things! The stacked trays below house students homework and other papers that may need to go home. I started this last year and found it SO helpful! It helps me make sure everything that needs to go home does and it helps with my City Year Volunteer of classroom guest know where to place the handouts/ or find them.

My Class Work display: These Magnetic Clips from Lakeshore Learning are awesome. I just add onto the work as we complete new activities. 

 My completed Poetry Station! Finally. This poor station has moved so many times, I'm surprised my students can find it! The students can copy the weekly poem, highlight rhyming words, illustrate their poems, and read previous poems in their journal. The binders on the table are my poetry binders. They are full of poems that the students may look through, read or copy another poem and illustrate.  

My workstations rotation chart: I LOVE THIS THING! Ms. Thomas and I got them at the Debbie Diller Workshop. The left side is our Reading Rotations and the right if for Math.  I made the math cards which are numbers and Meet with Me cards. I have started teaching my math in two parts in order to work in smaller groups and reach each child. It also is helpful when using maniputalives with the students. 

I house my math manipulatives in these bins I purchased from Wal-Mart. I was using those clear $1.00 plastic tubs, however I could never fit all my materials and paper in them in a neat fashion. So I caved and bought these ($4.00 each). I labeled them with numbers that way I can easily change out the materials inside of them. 

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