Friday, February 4, 2011

The Hidden Treasure of Storynory

Holy Jesus... did you people know about this lil' gem I've stumbled across Storynory... or am I the last to know?

Well, after much annoyance over the Listening Station... let's just say the Reading Series Treasures truly lacks on their listening CDs (zzzz boring) and apparently my students cannot work a cassette tape, dear lord. 
The whole point of workstations is for independent practice... not for a one on one lesson each day about how to use the tape player. So, I decide since the CDs were more manageable we should stick to those. However, like I said the Treasures Listening CDs were putting my kids to sleep. 

Therefore, when I found Storynory I was stoked! Yay. Fun stories for my students to listen to at the Listening Workstation. I have saved all of the stories I thought my students would like and then I created books for the students to follow along with. 
Storynory places the text below the mp3s but I wanted to arrange it with a title page and cute font. I put the pages in sheet protector sleeves and in a labeled folder.
 I haven't placed it in the listening station yet, so stay tuned to see how this goes! I feel like the kids will love them! 

Here are two examples of the books I put in with the CDs. If you would like others, let me know :)
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  1. Hello~ I would LOVE to learn more about how you use storynory w/ your students!! I learned about this site early last fall --- LOVE it for the read aloud part for my k students at quiet time!! Your links say I do not have permission to view....I would LOVE to learn more about how you are using them!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Sarah Hetrick