Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can I get a hallelujah?!

Dear Lord, uploading this file to TPT was hard. I guess 43 pages of graphics, backgrounds and fonts was just too much for them to handle. However, I finally figured it out and it is now available to you! 
I uploaded the file as a gif file, so if you would rather the pdf version I will gladly email it to you! 

Included in the pack of Literacy Workstation Task Cards are:
- ABC/ Word Study Task Cards (9)
- Poetry Task Cards (8)
- Listening Station Task Cards (5)
- Writing Station Task Cards (10)
- Library Task Cards (11)
- Big Book Station Task Cards (10)
- Pocket Chart Task Cards (12)

In addition, I have included blank cards for each workstation set. This will allow you to create your own cards for the specific tasks that you would like your students to complete, that may not have been included!

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  1. Hello, Can you send me this cards in pdf please? I am a spanish teacher and I think it's a really nice idea. Thank you.