Monday, February 21, 2011

Sneak Preview of Literacy Workstation Cards

I'm almost done with the Literacy Workstation Task Cards I have been working on! I have already completed two sets and the rest should be done tonight :).  The tasks cards will be used to give students ideas or reminders of what they can do in that particular workstation. It seems that sometimes students forget all of the assortment of activities that can be accomplished at each workstation. I figured these cards would be a great tool to help students who needed the reminder.  I use Debbie Diller's workstations in my class (which I love). It's meaningful work, and I don't have to make new activities each week. Working smarter not harder, right?

The last thing I have recently created was journaling sticks. I printed out the topics on label sheets and cut them down to fit the large sized popsicle sticks. The can that holds them is a Crystal Light can. They fit perfectly! Students just pull a stick and choose a topic! So far these have been great! It has really helped with the students who have a hard time getting those creative writing juices flowing. They give them cute ideas to think about and then let the writing flow! yay. 
*Look back later for the pdf!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Your cards look amazing - I love the backgrounds you used!


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  3. Could we get copies of the cards?

  4. Thanks so much Dana! I love the backgrounds too!!

    Joy, I just placed them on TPT so they are up and available now :)

  5. Great ideas! Do you also put the journal stick ideas on tpt? If not will you?

  6. Hi Sally! Yes they are on my TPT website... click the icon to find them! :)
    - Ms. Simoneaux

    1. I can't find this stuff on your TPT store, I can only see 14 items. Can you help me with this.

      My email is

      I am new to this blogging stuff so any help with finding these cards and labels would be so helpful

  7. I love these! Is there anyway we can work together to make them in Spanish?
    Let me know. =)


  8. The Literacy Workstation Task Cards activity seems very impressive to teach the students about what they can do in particular workstations and think more about these. sop for engineering management